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Here is a proven, step by step guide to raising successful confident kids that even the most frustrated parent can follow with ease.

Dear Parent,

If you are frustrated with trying to be the perfect parent and raise the perfect kids... I understand. I've raised two boys of my own and I've made a few mistakes along the way. However, thanks to my experience with the principles of karate, I was able to instill inside my boys a sense of ethics, morals, self-esteem and confidence rarely seen in other kids their age. As I was raising my family, I was also helping thousands of other children in my karate school learn "character" through these techniques.

What I discovered was this. You don't have to put your child in karate to build a "Rock Solid Kid." I've distilled the most effective tools, techniques and strategies any parent can use to build stronger, happier, healthier kids. After 20 years of raising my own (and 10,000 other kids)... I've written down my unique system to share with other parents looking for a better way to insure their children's success.

After all, isn't it true you feel responsible for you children's success or failure? Now, we know we shouldn't feel that way, but we do. Parents will do whatever they can to give their kids the opportunities we never had. We can't help it. It is human nature to feel obligated to give our kids 110% of ourselves.

Although it looks like a book, it is really a "How to Raise Your Kids" parenting manual that you wish your children had come with on day one. A step-by-step guide that makes child-raising brilliantly simple by taking you back to the basics. You'll gain universal and timeless strategies that guarantee wonderful results.

Your children will behave better, get in less trouble, be more disciplined and become happier. And, in the long run, they will grow to become successful and stable adults.

In fact, I guarantee that this book will give you tools to become a better parent, and you will actually see a difference in your kids... or you can return the book for a full refund. How many books do you know that you can return for a full refund? Not many. Well, this book is special. Let me tell you why.

Parenting takes hard work, love and dedication. So let me give you three good reasons that this book will help you raise better kids:

confidence, raising kids, three good reasons

"How To Raise Rock Solid Kids" is packed with proven, practical solutions to real problems.

Reason one: I've used these techniques on my own kids and over 10,000 other children in my karate school. Keith Hafner's Karate in Lansing, Michigan, is one of the United States largest martial arts school for a reason. The reason is simple. Parents know that when they allow my staff and I to work with their kids... their kids become stronger, happier and build better character. These techniques are proven and you don't have to know karate to use them.

Reason two: Not only will you learn the 12 foundation stones, but I will show you techniques to INSTILL these personality traits into your children. You will learn how to teach the 12 Proven Foundation Stones every kid needs to grow up strong, confident and successful. These are the essential morals, values and strengths of "Rock Solid" children.

Reason three: Tangible. This is the book that cuts clean through all the conflicting, hypothetical "fluff" around parenting. These are real-life strategies, exercises and tips for real-life parents and kids.

Physical Fitness
Spiritual Development

Positive Outlook

You'll find practical workbook exercises that you can practice with your child to help him master the essential lessons. They are based on proven strengths that Iíve taught to over ten thousand children as, not only a father, but also a Karate Master and owner of the #1 ranked Martial Arts school in the country. This is where I gained the nickname "The Capable Kid Builder" for establishing a curriculum that emphasizes character development as an integral part of self-defense and physical fitness.

  • The six simple steps that will teach your child to be more focused and disciplined.
  • How to establish clear boundaries and rules, AND get your child to follow them.
  • Negative peer pressure: Is your child vulnerable? Protect him/her with strategies to raise self-esteem.
  • Four steps that will give a discouraged child the persistence to stick with tasks.
  • What is the greatest asset your child can have? How you can give it to him/her.
  • How you can turn your couch potato into an active, self-confident child?
  • What really makes kids act disrespectfully?
  • Learn 'eye contact drills,' AND how they can make your child more successful.
  • How to give a timid child the confidence and courage needed for success.
  • The "Responsibility Model", and how you can use it to improve your childís self-reliance.

Before you order, take a few moments to read what other
people are saying about the new book 'How to Build Rock Solid Kids'

"I agree with your philosophy and suggestions for teaching parents basic child raising skills. I know how important your work is."

- Art Linkletter, best selling author

"How to Build Rock Solid Kids" is the ultimate "self-help" book. It reminds us that we have all the tools we need to raise happy, healthy kids right at our own fingertips. Self-control, Respect, Honesty; the ideas in the book are so familiar, yet so many people have lost sight of them "How to Build Rock Solid Kids" helps us remember the basic concepts, but more importantly, it gives very specific suggestions on how to apply these ideas. This is an interactive book that gives direction for real action.

-Professor Ellen Lynch, Eastern Michigan University

"I do certainly agree with the statements you have made regarding the values we need to instill in our next generation and what happens if we don't!"

- Mr. Charlton Heston, actor

"I would highly recommend Master Hafner's book to anyone involved with children whether this be a parent, grandparent or teacher. The valuable information should make for a much more enjoyable future."

- Dr. William D. Riley, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Marie and I are honored to have had the chance to review this wonderful book before it hits the Top 10 Bestseller List! I think the world would be a much more positive, balanced, compassionate place if every parent or parent-to-be could read your book... once a year (at least!) I think anyone who reads this book will be inspired to action."

- Tim and Marie Slottow, proud parents of three children

"Clearly this book will benefit both kids and parents. The knowledge, skills and attitudes will begin to be handed down in family, rippling outward into communities! This book helps parents see the need for time invested in children and even more importantly shows what is worth doing with that time. I know that I will use many of these suggestions and exercises in my growth as a parent, and I will be pleased to recommend it to the many people I know who struggle with how to be their personal best as parents!"

-Dr. Sara L. Warber, M.D. Co-Director,
Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan

Now before you read any book on parenting, there are some things you absolutely must look for:

Number one: The book is written in plain and simple language. It is common sense that isn't so common. There are too many books out there written by academics who specialize in hypothetical theory but who don't know much about kids! This book is based on real-life common sense, not academic theory.

Number two: Practical direction towards real action. You don't have time to just sit around reading about parenting... you need step-by-step strategies that you can start using right now.

Step-by-step directions and strategies that you can start using today. These are the same techniques I have used with over 10,000 students and my own two boys.

Number three: A concrete plan that helps you to practice and reinforce what you learn.

Practical workbook exercises that you can practice and reinforce with your child.

Number four: Involves proven, solid concepts that will stand the test of time. Parenting should be based on something more substantial than the whims of trends or fashionable "fluff."

"How To Raise Rock Solid Kids" is the ONLY book I know that meets all four criteria.

I wrote the book because the concepts really work. I wrote the book in the format so you, and any parent, can get the same results I did. Plus, with each chapter, you get the bonus of actual workbook exercises to help you and your child practice your new skills and track your progress. Trust me, the book will make a difference.

The ability to raise your children to be strong, healthy and successful is priceless. The cost of raising your kids without these foundations is simply scary.

If you order right now, you can buy "How To Build Rock-Solid Kids" for just $22.95. Years from now, you'll be glad you did. Your kids are growing up fast. And for less than the cost of a night at the movies, you can make sure you give your kids the tools they need to succeed! It's worth every nickel.

Order now! You can't lose. Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you don't see a difference in your kids..  if for any reason you aren't thrilled and delighted with this book, just send it back within 3 months and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked!

You have nothing to lose... and your children have so much to gain!

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