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A personal letter from Keith Hafner to you.

World renowned karate instructor, the successful and proud parent of two great kids.


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“I agree with your philosophy and suggestions for teaching parents basic child raising skills. I know how important your work is.”

Art Linkletter, entertainer

Master Hafner's newsletter showed me how to break through the barriers, and truly develop "Rock Solid Kids!"

Melanie Hamilton, parent of two, Ann Arbor, MI

"The lessons taught are invaluable and totally applicable to raising strong, positive, and successful children. This newsletter lays out the “formula” in plain language! The exercises are also helpful, and very clear."

Clarence Slay, Ypsilanti, MI

"Incredible tools!…Should be required reading for every parent!"

Tim Kovar, parent of three sons, Sacramento, CA

"Keith will teach you proven and easy to use key strategies that will help you to be a better parent."

John Cokinos, President, Educational Funding Co., Washington, D.C.

Congratulations! Your concise format will be well received in this busy world Its straight forward , no nonsense approach offers parents a good "rule of thumb" or map to guide. The clear journal keeping format provides step by step progression as well as an opportunity to review what has or has not worked. You have offered words of wisdom and support to families."

Angela Robben, parent, Principal of Allen Creek School, Ann Arbor, MI

"As a parent of a child with special needs, I find “How to Build Rock Solid Kids” to be very useful in educating my child to believe in her own abilities instead of being dependent on others.  I intend to use “How to Build Rock Solid Kids” as a guide to teach my daughter the most important lessons needed to grow independently, interact appropriately, and live a positive, productive life." 

Kris Kovac, parent, Ann Arbor, MI

   "When it comes to generating results in the lives of children, Keith Hafner is a proven authority.  With decades of experience and thousands of graduates, Keith has the knowledge it takes to create a wonderful program for guiding children to the success that is the potential within every child."

Ninjitsu Grand Master Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame

"Having an action plan to meet our parental goals of guiding and leading the development of our children to a productive life is crucial.  Keith Hafner presents this action plan."

Jim Harkema, former football coach, Eastern Michigan University

"This book should have been published 30 years ago. I urge all parents,... teachers, and students to read and study it!"

JHOON RHEE Martial Arts Grand Master, founder of American Tae Kwon Do, Washington D.C.

"Keith Hafner's book, 'How to Build Rock Solid Kids,' is the parenting handbook that should be handed out with each newborn child. It is simple, systematically effective, and empowering."

Black Belt Hall of Fame, honored as one of the
Greatest Martial Art Masters of the 20th Century

"I agree with the statements you have made regarding the values we need to instill in our next generation ... and what happens if we don't!"


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