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"Every now and then a book comes along which combines wisdom, common sense, and a touch of genius. Master Hafner has journalized 20-years experience working with children into this 'must read' book for all parents. Get it!"

Founder and CEO, Educational Funding Company

"An excellent book for young people — helping them to build character and live healthy lives!... It's important that the Martial Arts can give them these vitally important values."

Founder, Martial Arts for Peace Association

"'Rock-Solid Kids' makes me think 'IF'! IF I'd had this book ... while raising Ron,... there's no question that my life would have been more peaceful. No wonder that Keith's sons are where they are today.... Congratulations on writing a book that can change parents' thinking, and perhaps change millions of lives...!"|

Martial Arts Grand Master, Lakeland, FL

"I found [your] book highly enjoyable, and learned a number of things which will help in my own parenting. ... The most important thing that I took away from this book was that many of these lessons are not only for the parent-child relationship, but also for the husband-wife relationship."

Assistant Professor of Surgery
University of Michigan Medical Center

"Incredible tools! ... Should be required reading for every parent!"

Parent of three sons, Sacramento, CA

"I enjoyed the book very much. The concepts are common sense,... but which are not often discussed. I'm looking forward to applying them with our kids!"

Ann Arbor, MI

"Keith ... I didn't need to read your book—I've met your kids!"

Martial Arts Grand Master

"Easy to read! I most like the exercises at the back of each chapter. Usually we read and forget to work with our kids. This helps to push us!"

Ypsilanti, MI

"I very much liked reading this book. I also feel that parents have 'passed on' their responsibilities to teachers and coaches. This information has direct application to my life and my child's ... as a single Mom raising an eight-year-old boy!"

Parent Denver, CO

"This book could equally be entitled 'How to Build Rock-Solid Parents.' I think particularly of all the parents I know who are still suffering from the lack of parenting skills in the households they grew up in. Those parents especially would benefit from this very clear presentation of basic steps to successful parenting. I also think of what I know as an educator about development of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Your book addresses each of these domains of learning.... Clearly, this book will benefit both kids and parents.... I know that I will use many of these suggestions and exercises in my growth as a parent...."

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Center
Lecturer, Department of Family Medicine

"Marie and I are honored to have had the chance to review this wonderful book before it hits the 'Top-Ten, Best-Seller List'! I think the world would be a much more positive, balanced, compassionate place if every parent or parent-to-be could read the book — once a year, at least.... Thank you for writing your ... lessons and experiences down, and making them more accessible to all those out there wanting to be the best parents they can be. It is a nice workbook, a good refresher, a reference book, and an inspirational boost."

Parents of three, Ann Arbor, MI

"'Rock-Solid Kids' is the ultimate 'self help' book! It reminds us that we have all the tools we need to raise happy, healthy kids, right at our own fingertips. Self-control, Respect, Honesty — the ideas in the book are so familiar, yet so many people have lost sight of them.... What I like most about your book is that it provides the means for us to do something!... This is an interactive book that gives direction for real action. Your charts at the end of each chapter are an incredibly effective way to encourage your readers to get involved....

Something else I like about your book is the potential benefit to both the kids AND the adults.... It is in this way that the book is more than a guide on 'How to Build Rock-Solid Kids'; it is also a guide for your adult readers to regain 'Rock-Solid' values...."

Eastern Michigan University School of Business

"As an educator, I have found 'How to Build Rock-Solid Kids' a good 'how to' for parents and teachers. I found the text an easy read — and to the point. I especially liked your common sense approach to child development techniques. It is a must read for anyone that is put in a position of child counseling...."

Martial Arts Master, Hendersonville, TN

"Such an important book! I like the common language and straightforward approach. It is a practical how-to book that should benefit any parent that picks it up, reads it, and applies it. I know I have already benefited ... and so has Emma, my daughter!"

President, Gatepower Business Communications
President, Educational Funding Co., Washington D.C.

"This book is awesome! Everything that I instinctively know and everything I have learned as a parent and teacher is in this book. I have already put the strategies to work with my two-year-old and my five-year-old!"

Martial Arts Master, parent of two
Sacramento, CA

"When it comes to raising kids, I've never seen such an uncommon display of common sense."

Father of six, grandfather of four, UT

"[Your book] focused on many important points that most of us well-meaning parents overlook. With the changes in society and the many so-called 'New' ways to raise children, it's good to read something that gets back to the values that we all should be instilling in our children.... The exercises at the end of each chapter are quite mentally challenging. In many instances it helped inform you not what you are doing wrong, but possibly how you can do it better.... I would highly recommend Master Hafner's book to anyone involved with children...."

Ann Arbor, MI

"Congratulations! Your concise format will be well received in this busy world. Its straightforward, no-nonsense approach offers parents a good 'rule of thumb' or map to guide. The clear journal-keeping format provides step-by-step progression, as well as an opportunity to review what has or what's not worked. You have offered words of wisdom and support to families. This book is a valuable tool to strengthen minds and bodies."

Parent, school principal, Ann Arbor, MI

"Having been practitioners, students and instructors in the Martial Arts for nearly 30 years, my wife Bronia and I absolutely agree: This book is a jewel! Not only does it ... reach the parents of Karate students, but it ... [also] touches the minds of 'KIDS.' The fashion in which it was authored establishes and contributes to the positive development of 'mature kids.'"

Ann Arbor, MI

"Finally! ... A challenging book to help a parent raise children to become all that they were meant to be. Keith Hafner's 'kidology' book can replace the need for all of the other '-ologies' that trap parents into thinking their child needs to visit one of the '-ologists' for help. Parents can use these forgotten skills to help bring their children through the different phases of their lives.... Thanks, Keith, for presenting a Masterpiece that will develop a child in Body, Soul and Spirit."

Ann Arbor, MI

"I constantly hear young parents say, 'Well, there are no courses to tell you how to raise children. You just have to learn as you go.' Well, finally you have given them a hand. It is an excellent reference book for any parent who is concerned about the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the children. Teachers, parents and coaches, and anyone else involved in raising youngsters will greatly benefit from your insight."

Dennis Brown
Kung Fu Master, Black Belt Hall of Fame Member,
Parent of two, Washington D.C.

"As an educator and parent, I found 'How to Build Rock-Solid Kids' to be an invaluable guide to parenting and teaching. It is a 'toolbox for building strong, self-confident, and competent kids!'"

Educator, parent, MI

"Over the past 25 years, I've taught thousands of kids, and have always tried to make a difference in their lives. This book is an easy-to-read manual that will help to influence a child's attitude, behavior and character. A 'must read' for parents, teachers and coaches!"

Martial Arts Master, FL

"Our youth today are overwhelmed with television, video games and computers. Keith Hafner's book, 'How to Build Rock-Solid Kids,' gives parents and teachers hope ... and a format to teach kids in a powerful, positive way."

Martial Arts Grand Master, NY

"'How to Build Rock-Solid Kids' is a 'hands on' tool that parents, teachers, coaches and educators will find easy to read and implement. It is a logical, step-by-step guide that will improve the attitude, spirit and well-being of not only the child but everyone that is involved with that child's daily life."

Martial Arts Master, NY

"When it comes to generating results in the lives of children, Keith Hafner is a proven authority. With decades of experience and thousands of graduates, Keith has the knowledge it takes to create a wonderful program for guiding children to the success that is the potential within every child."

Ninjitsu Grand Master, Black Belt Hall of Fame

"After 25 years teaching children — it's exciting to finally discover a book that combines the scientific with the practical.... I ... plan to recommend the action formulas to every parent I know. The contents are simple without being simplistic, and powerful while being easy to apply."


"Every parent who wants to successfully instill in their children a strong foundation of key life skills should read Master Hafner's book! These life skills are vital to ... success.... It is a 'must read' for parents trying to raise good kids...."


"Because of the unhealthy way my parents raised me, I've read just about every book, listened to just about every tape program, and attended several classes and seminars on how to be a great parent. I felt like I had a pretty good handle on how to raise my kids. I was hesitant to invest the time to go through your book. But as I began to read it, I was beginning to feel a recommitment growing inside of me — to not only be a great dad, but on how to raise my kids so they can be confident.... Your book gave me the insights and tools I needed to take my parenting beyond just being a great dad.... So I thank you, Master Hafner, for inspiring me to dig a little deeper, be a little better, and to raise my standards higher. I highly recommend that all parents get their hands on a copy of this book. Whether you think you're a great parent or you think you need some work, this is the finest book on the subject ever published!"

Father of four, UT

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